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senior art director

I have 11 years of international experience as a senior packaging designer, specialising in high-end products, luxury products and food products as well as general consumer good products. I have worked with agencies representing many leading brands, including L’Oréal, Coty, Interparfum, Henkel, Puig, Lindt etc.

As a designer, I have worked as a senior art director, managing my own team and have a vast amount of creative experience. More specifically, my work has included the implementation of client projects, as well as the conception, visualisation and execution of conceptual projects, the creation of general client presentation and the overall management of individual clients. With a passion for packaging design, I greatly enjoy working in a team with other designers who share this passion, as well as being comfortable working on my own.

Freelance senior art direction:

Paris Calling - Paris, Enjoy - Paris, Lonsdale - Paris, Peter Schmidt Group - Hamburg, Extreme Design - Paris

Full-time senior art director:

Bronson Trade Design - Paris, Peter Schmidt Group - Hamburg, 

Junior art director:

Mutter - Hamburg, HHCL - RED CELL WPP Group - London

If you would like to work with me don't hesitate to contact me.

Please note, all work shown in my portfolio is the property of the agency for which I created the work.
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