September 2021
SHE changes Climate Podcast

I really can’t believe I got asked to add my voice to this amazing podcast. So honored, I talk about the need for better female representation at climate talks and more specifically for COP26! And of course how important it is to protect our oceans 🌊

She Changes Climate :
“And one more beautiful voice for She Changes Climate podcast, Janina Rossiter - protecting the ocean through art and education, "A visual language that anyone can understand."”

It’s only 5min! Also please look at the other amazing speaker such Antoinette Vermilye, Alexis McGivern and many more! It’s a great podcast!

Listen to the podcast here.

#cop26 #cop26glasgow


September 2021
Sketch for Survival 2021 – SHORT-LISTED

I am beyond excited to now be short-listed for the Sketch for survival competition and under the last three. Eternally thankful.

Mangroves - Janina Rossiter
"Blue Carbon is a term for carbon captured in coastal/marine ecosystems. According to UNESCO current estimates indicate that we lost half of all mangroves in the past 40 years. Protecting mangroves is extremely important because they are a key weapon in the fight against climate change. Mangroves reduce flooding and erosion from storms, are nurseries for fish, filtering pollutants, and storing more carbon dioxide than rainforests do. But when mangroves get destroyed or damaged they release the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere."
The judges said: "So much detail. Very topical. love that the colour is only in the water, and it’s beautifully done with lots of light and depth. "

Sketch for Survival 2021

Artwork exhibited at gallery@oxo alongside our Invitational Collection and then sold via our online auction 28 November.

The New Explorer Gallery website goes live on Friday 1st October- an online art gallery selling artwork, including that from the Highly Commended Collection. The collection will also be available for sale at our events and exhibitions.
I also have a second artwork which made it into the Highly Commended Collection:

Wednesday 17th November - Sunday 28th November - Exhibition at gallery@OXO, Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House St, London SE1 9PH. All Highly Commended pieces that haven't been previously sold will be available for sale at our Gallery Store at the Exhibition.


September 2021
Smithsonian collection

Women Mind the Water Podcast series: Nina Rossiter, France 

Submitted as part of the Women Mind the Water (WMW) digital stories project produced by Pam Ferris-Olson, in conjunction with Stories from Main Street and the traveling exhibition "Water/Ways." This story is one in a series created for a podcast in 2020-21, featuring regional and international artists whose inspiration blends conversation, activism, science, and water. Find earlier stories from the WMW initiative by searching for "Women Mind the Water" on this website.

Janina "Nina" Rossiter is an author, illustrator, and graphic designer. Nina has written a dozen children’s books including Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars! and 123 Who’s Cleaning the Sea? Through these books and other endeavors, Nina shares her love of the sea and hopes to make a difference in fighting climate change, plastic pollution and much more. These things are important to Nina who believes that the future depends on our actions today.

Read the story narrative here.


September 2021
Sketch for Survival 2021 – 100 Finalists

Hardly have any words that I am under the 100 finalist for the Sketch for Survival competition 2021.
Extremely thankful.

"Many thanks to all the artists who supported us through our Sketch for Survival 2021 competition. It has been another record-breaking year, with nearly 1,000 entries from 47 countries. Our youngest artist was aged 2 and the oldest 90. The variety was incredible with paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolour; drawings and sketches in pencil, biro, felt tip and ink; mosaics, needlework, resins, felt work, canvas, board…the list goes on."

The 100 finalists will have their work exhibited alongside our Invitational Collection at the gallery@oxo in London between the 17th – 28th November. Their artwork will be sold via our online auction concluding Sunday 28 November with all proceeds supporting the 21 For 21 Project Fund.
The finalists are eligible for our awards which include The Artist of the Year awards (Wildlife and Wild Spaces); The Artist Award, chosen by the editorial staff of The Artist Magazine, and the Leisure Painter’s People’s Choice award, voted for online by the public. Results will be announced at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Thursday 18 November. Short-listed artists will be invited.
Finalists also receive one year’s complimentary membership to our Explorer Club. This will be forwarded by the end of September.

So thankful also to my friend Rebecca Daniel, without her this illustration wouldn’t exist, as it was created for the The Marine Diaries #marineecosystemdiaries.


September 2021
Women Mind the Water

Artivist Series - Janina “Nina” Rossiter
author, illustrator, graphic designer

Women Mind the Water podcasts features inspirational women who share their passion for the ocean. They are artivists (artists and activists) who discuss their connection with the ocean and their ocean-inspired art. Through their stories and art, we hope to inspire YOU and move YOU to take action to protect the ocean. Women Mind the Water podcasts are produced in video and audio-only formats. Video versions of the podcast are available on the Women Mind the Water website and our YouTube channel. Audio-only versions can be heard on this website and on iTunes and Spotify.

Our latest Artivist is author, illustrator, and graphic designer Nina Rossiter. She is a multi-dimensional artist who uses her talents to help protect the ocean. Nina has written a dozen children’s books. Her passion for the ocean and her creatures has led her to start an Artivist Chat on Clubhouse and participate in a wide range of other activites.

Listen to the podcast or watch the video here.


August 2021
Feature in the Sleuth Art Magazine

Sleuth Art Magazine: We are a group of MA Journalism students based at the University of Roehampton in London. Through our content, we hope to bring creatives and cultures together through introducing you to the power of art.

Janina (pronounced Yaneena) Rossiter, a.k.a. Nina, is an ocean artivist, conveying evocative conservation messages through her art. Having aspired to become a children’s book author at a young age, her stories and illustrations aim to instil a sense of ocean stewardship in children. She spoke to Suzanna Hayek about what triggered her to become an ocean conservationist.

Read the full interview here.


July 2021
The Marine Diaries - Blog Interview

Artivism: How Creativity can Influence Conservation by JOSH PYSANCZYN

Janina Rossiter (Nina) is an illustrator, author and environmental activist. As an Amazon bestselling and multi-award winning author of children’s books, Nina provides a platform for conservation which reaches the most important of audiences… the next generation of naturalists and environmental stewards.

"Artivism speaks the language of art, which is universal. You don't need words, and anybody can understand it. Personally, I’m quite shy when it comes to speaking up and putting myself out there, especially in front of big groups of people. However, I don't have that same feeling when I’m thinking about a piece of artwork that needs to make people realise that there is a problem that we need to act upon. That's why I love Artivism. It takes away all my insecurities of not speaking up, rather the contrary, I feel like I can blossom in such a way that I can't stop. You can share a message, without using words. You can more easily become an Artivist than an activist, so it's also open to a wider audience."

Read the full interview here.


June 2021
Design Collaboration x Ocean Culture Life

Ocean Culture Life! X Janina Rossiter

Beyond excited to collaborate for these designs with OCL @oceanculturelife :
- World Ocean Day
- Shark Love

T-shirts will very soon be available!

The World Oceans Day design is a combination of sea creatures found in my latest book. And is soon going to be available in the Ocean Culture Life Collection as well as the heart-shaped design of the sharks, which i felt inspired to draw after watching a talk by William Winram.

Huge thank you to Tamsin Raine and Matt Porteous for those beautiful images plus all the support! It means so much and you are simply amazing!

Watch the Teaser for the Design launch here.


June 2021
Clubhouse Chat with Dr. Sylvia Earle, Liz Taylor and Taylor Griffith  

I was very lucky to meet the legendary ocean protection family of Dr. Sylvia Earle.
Norbert Zi and I hosted the Clubhouse room in the scuba club on Wednesday the 02.06.2021 -
We were joined by Dr. Sylvia Earle, Liz Taylor and Taylor Griffith

A few weeks ago I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Taylor Griffith, who’s an amazing artist and ocean advocate and the idea was born to create a family room to learn more about the family’s work at DOER (Deep Ocean Exploration and Research). 

Dr. Sylvia Earle work has inspired me for years - I called my art show in 2019 “protect what keeps you alive”! Inspired by ... - no ocean - no life - no ocean - no us ~ Dr. Sylvia Earle
Watching mission blue for the first time left me in tears but it also gave me confidence in my journey. 🙏💙

Feeling extremely thankful
Listen to the chat here


June 2021
Dr. Jane Goodall receives my drawing of her  

Happy World Environment Day !

I would like to celebrate all of our change makers! The ones that care, make a difference and protect our planet with actions.

This photo was such a surprise for me!
I think my heart stopped for a few seconds! Dr. Jane Goodall is part of my change maker series. Huge inspiration! “Every individual makes a difference”.

Super super thankful to you Atul Kumar! Such a kind human and I love everything you do!

There’s a little story behind this image that makes me extremely happy and how life sometimes just happens 💙 connections to treasure and moments that are meaningful.


June 2021

Very thankful that my work has been featured in the ECO Magazine of UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic. Huge Thank you to Rebecca Daniel and Josh Pysanczyn for including me.

As part of ECO Magazine's special edition, celebrating the start of the United Nation's Decade for Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), we at The Marine Diaries have contributed a piece which highlights how inspiring and engaging our ocean REALLY is!

The Ocean Decade marks a new era of ocean knowledge and understanding, and offers ocean stakeholders an unprecedented opportunity to drive global change. This special edition encompasses a collection of stories about the different initiatives and debates contributing to each of the Ocean Decade’s seven societal outcomes: a clean ocean, a healthy and resilient ocean, a productive ocean, a predicted ocean, a safe ocean, an accessible ocean, and an inspiring and engaging ocean.

Read the magazine here here.


May 2021

Very excited that my book is listed on the Exxpedition website


Written by Janina Rossiter

Janina Rossiter’s 1, 2, 3, Who’s Cleaning the Sea? A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet is an adorable book that will make young readers aware of the wonderful living beings that exist on our planet and who play an important role in cleaning and protecting the planet.


Find the listing and more books here.


April 2021
Prevented Ocean Plastic

Excited to be judging Prevented Ocean Plastic #Trash2Treasure art contest! A great way to raise awareness about recycled plastic by showcasing how waste can be repurposed through your creativity.

Are you passionate about the environment and have a creative flare? We are calling all activists, artists, adventure travellers, amateur and professional photographers to submit your images on the topic of #Trash2Treasure, with the aim of raising awareness about waste through art.

Check out their website

Entries are expected to show how waste can be re-purposed - turning trash into treasure.
We are looking for imaginative, novel and inspiring creations. Your entry will be judged on:

▪ Relevance to the contest topic and clarity in interpreting the message
▪ Creativity and originality of work
▪ Story and inspiration behind the work


April 2021
Ocean Pancake Podcast

Very excited to be on Katt Andryskova’s Ocean Pancake Podcast! We had such a lovely chat. Really enjoyed it. Was only my second podcast interview and as always a bit nervous but I hope you’ll enjoy it and feel inspired to protect our oceans. 

Thank you Katt! 


How art can turn into ocean activism with Janina Rossiter

Janina is a self-proclaimed activist that has turned her passion for art into action for the ocean. Do you love reading ocean-inspired books to your children? Or admiring mesmerizing fine art? Because Janina Rossiter’s journey includes self-published books for children, working together with schools, and spreading the plight of our oceans through social media. Her Instagram is a snapshot of the beauty she creates and her love for the ocean is palpable through her drawings.

Listen to the podcast here.
Read the blogpost here.



March 2021
The Sirene Project

„It didn’t matter what happened in the past and that my actions start counting from the moment I realised that I wanted to make a difference.“

Thank you so much for having me on your blog and for sharing my story.

Read my full story on the blog here.

Photo taken in 2019 at my expo #protectwhatkeepsyoualive


„(...) I think it is a common misconception, that in order to be a conservationist you have to be a scientist. I believe conservation is so exciting and important because it is incredibly multifaceted. It provides opportunity for people to make a positive change in the world no matter their education, ethnicity, gender or financial means.
In order to protect our natural environment, specifically our oceans, we don’t just need scientists; we need artists, storytellers, community organizers, photographers, politicians, entrepreneurs and local communities. We are stronger and more powerful together, uniting behind a cause we all believe in.(...)“
~ The Sirene Project - Leoni Dickerhoff The Sirene Project


March 2021
Ocean Culture Life

So thrilled and proud to be part of the Ocean Culture Life guardians.

Thank you 💙

They are an amazing global community of those whose lives have been shaped by the sea.

“The Ocean Culture Life storytellers are united by a love of the ocean and an instinctive ability to capture emotion and change through the lens. Across the world, we connect these talented creators with our Ocean Guardians.

As a collaborative community we have helped a nation to become plastic-free by 2023, implemented marine protected areas and inspired local communities to consider the power of their consumption habits.

So many of us are already making small and big impacts that shouldn't go unnoticed. By sharing your story, pledge or programme, you may just inspire someone else to do the same thing.

We're all feeling the pressure to do our bit to save our oceans, but with a problem that seems so vast, knowing where to start can feel daunting and often simply too much…

We truly believe in the power of storytelling and organic collaboration in order to encourage support, recognition and ultimately action for the ocean.”

More infos here.


March 2021
The Marine Diaries Live

The Marine Diaries - Live
+A with Janina Rossiter

Super excited to chat to Rebecca Daniel, the director of the the Marine Diaries about my work in regards to the Hydrothermal Vents.

We spoke to Nina Rossiter, artist and children’s book author, about her artivism work. She showed us some of her works covering deep sea plastic pollution, hydrothermal vents, and oil and gas extraction.

Watch the live ITV here.

I'm also supporting their ecosystem project with my graphic design skills. The Marine Ecosystem Diaries invites you on an exciting tour of the world's ocean ecosystems, and is the latest deep dive by the Marine Diaries into the watery world below. From coral reefs, to deep sea hydrothermal vents, join us as we explore each important habitat, telling stories of the ocean through a variety of easily accessible and educational materials. The goal of this journey is to immerse the reader in the sights and sounds of these marine ecosystems. The core message of this project is the important role that these ecosystems play in our global climate, the contribution these systems make to the blue economy worldwide, and the billions of humans that rely on the health and wellbeing of these habitats. Many of these precious jewels are imperilled from various anthropogenic threats, and we hope to connect and inspire people from all parts of the globe to protect them. More infos here.


March 2021
Shark Guardian

Shark Guardian Eco Artist: Each month Shark Guardian selects an artist that goes above and beyond the call of duty for the sake of the ocean and all its inhabitants. We believe that artists, like photographers, play a vital and often underestimated role in ocean conservation. They inspire, educate and cultivate passions that may never had been sparked. Each month during 2021 we are shining a light on some of the great artists we’ve had the privilege of working with .

I’m super excited to announce that I'm Shark Guardian’s 'ecoartist of the month'. Throughout March, Shark Guardian and I will be exploring the various aspects of ocean pollution through my art.

We'll also be discussing my books and why education is so important and where it all started.

- You can discover a full interview about my work on the Shark Guardian here.
- there will be a live IG.

And lots of art! 


February 2021
Greenway International

Greenway is a Youth-Driven Environmental Protection Organization providing alternative solutions to single-use plastic and planting carbon-sucking trees for socio-economic development and reducing climate crisis.
Our social work includes reforestation, landscape restoration, climate education, awareness campaign, conducting research, outreach activities, and collaborating with key stakeholders to implement sustainable solutions.

Our Core Beliefs
Greenway believes global climate change resolutions will be accelerated by individuals and communities by undertaking collective action toward solutions, which include conservation, mitigation, adaptation, policy, and innovation.

Instagram Live Chat with Greenway International 


January 2021
Forbi Perise 

Meet Forbi Perise - An inspiration to us all! Mr. PlasticMan! Seeing the plastic pollution in Cameroon just makes me realize again what we have to fight for! 

Forbi Perise recalls that when he saw the ocean for the first time, he was terrified.
“I was young,” Perise remembered. “The noises, the movements, the fastness of the waves — all scared me.”

At the time, Perise never would have imagined that he’d dedicate his life to protecting the ocean. A decade later, Perise is now inspiring a movement in his hometown of Buea, Cameroon, to combat plastic pollution and protect the ocean.

Read his full story here.

Forbi and I met through our common passion to fight plastic pollution. He reached out to me to help him full fill his dream of setting up a library. Find more about our journey here. 


December 2020
Conservation Optimism

Thank you so much Conservation Optimism for having me on your blog! I learned about Conservation Optimism during the Wildscreen festival and their presentation really inspired me. I felt parallels to how to approach the environmental issues. To stay positive and not to overwhelm anyone so we feel motivated in wanting to make a difference.

I felt very honored and thankful that they published my story “Of how I got my motivation to write my second ocean book Diamonds, Hearts ans Sea Stars” #diamondsheartsandseastars and who inspired me to write and to finish the book.

Read my blog post here.


Conservation Optimism is an online hub and global community. They are dedicated to inspiring and empowering people around the world to make a positive difference for nature.#ConservationOptimism

Wild nature is declining rapidly, and the earth’s life support systems are under increasing stress.
As nature erodes and the response of human systems is inadequate or destructive, it can seem like the only rational response is despair. Yet if you zoom in from the big picture, a mosaic appears; in amongst the stories of loss there are inspiring stories of regeneration and positive change, with nature making a difference in people’s lives, and people valuing and nurturing their natural environment. These stories are the key to securing our planet’s future; we need to learn from them, replicate them and thereby build a world in which nature and people can coexist. Our mission is telling these stories of conservation optimism — large and small — so as to inspire change.


November 2020

I feel so grateful that my book is being read all over the world! Malaysia! Wow! Helping to explain #oceanpollution to kids! I loved Princess Tengku Zatashah talk in Paris at the Change Now Summit 2020 in Paris at Le Grand Palais.
I tried to connect and we did! 💙

"Thank you so much for sending me all the way from Paris, France your incredible award winning book voted Readers Choice AND Excellence Awards. I am so blessed to get this here in Malaysia, the first !!! This book is a wonderfully illustrated counting book on the oceans and plastic pollution harming our beautiful sea creatures. @janinarossiter first connected with me after hearing my talks on #sayno2plastic and #zerofoodwastage at the Change Now Summit 2020 in Paris at Le Grand Palais. Since then we have been supporting each other's work , hers in Paris , mine in Malaysia. Am so glad to have been able to share your book yesterday with our young girls at rhythmic Gymnastics club as young as 5yrs old. Thank you again"
- Tengku Zatashah


November 2020
Be More Girl

The art of eco-parenting; interview with Janina Rossiter, mother and environmental activist.

“As a mother, I want to make sure my children are taught about environmental issues and how we, as people, impact the natural living world.”
Read the full interview here:

Very thrilled to be featured on BE MORE GIRL! Thank you Sharon Brunt for telling my story!

Be More Girl is a brand purpose consultancy

There’s never been a better time for female leaders and entrepreneurs, to show-up and shine.
Be More Girl champions female-led brands, businesses and organisations, that want to change the world. Age of anxiety
People are deeply worried about the world right now; social and eco-anxiety means everyday decisions – even the most mundane tasks – can feel fully-loaded.
The American Psychological Association has defined eco-anxiety as “a chronic fear of environmental doom”.
Whether you’re a CEO, parent or child, by far the best way to cope with feeling like this, is to do something; people who take action have a greater sense of control, and when we take action with others, it helps lighten the emotional burden. 


October 2020
Sketch For Survival 2020

Three original artwork I kindly donated to Sketch for Survial 2020

Sketch For Survival 2020 - Illustrations, Cartoons, Photography & Celebrity
Bidding Live - Bidding will conclude from 19:01 on 29 November 2020

Sketch for Survival is a global art initiative. The aim is to highlight the plight of iconic species; to raise awareness about threats to habitats and to raise funds through the sale of affordable artwork for nominated frontline projects.

The idea is very simple: we reach out to professional artists and celebrities and ask them to donate a 26 minute sketch or other artwork featuring an endangered species or at-risk wild space. The collection tours the UK in the autumn, often visiting prestigious venues. The artwork is then sold in aid of our projects, either by an online auction or through our online and pop-up Affordable Art Gallery.

In 2016 we started with just a handful of sketches at our annual RGS London event but over the last few years the initiative has gathered momentum, proving to be an incredibly effective way to connect with a wide audience and to trigger conversations about tough topics ranging from extinction to climate change. Over 10,000 people visited the exhibition tour in 2019 and the artwork collection sold for over £50,000.



October 2020
Prevented Ocean Plastic

Prevented Ocean Plastic is recycled plastic collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean #plasticpollution. Every time you buy a product with the Prevented Ocean Plastic logo, you are preventing plastic from reaching the ocean.

@preventoplastic is not just looking at recycling, which is their business, but also at the people, who are trying to make a difference through art. I feel very honored and thankful to be featured on their Art & Culture section on their website and social media.

“I love that Prevented Ocean Plastic is passionate about their work. Bringing a solution to a problem with a clear and honest message. Raffi Schieir mentioned that companies could do so much more but instead most are only taking mini-steps. So much more is possible – I love that passion, which is also what drives me to create my activism art.”

There must be a solution for everyone. Not everybody wants to live a zero-waste lifestyle and lots of people do not even care about avoiding plastic products. One solution is to use recycled plastic, #PET is currently the best type of plastic for recycling, while #RPET refers to recycled PET. The logo 'Prevented Ocean Plastic' indicates a more sustainable plastic, since the plastic already exists. Recycling, if done right and at scale, is one of the main solutions to deal with all the plastic that is already out there. A product that is 100% 'recyclable' doesn't mean it will actually get recycled. The hope is, it will, but as ocean pollution proves, many products that are in theory 100% recyclable still end up in the ocean. For a product to be recycled, it needs to be properly sorted and made into a new item. Today, virgin plastic is cheaper than recycled plastic, therefore most companies only use a small percentage of recycled plastic, if at all. In 2021 and 2022, Europe and the UK respectively, will require companies to use 30% recycled content in plastic packaging. Income opportunities are created in coastal communities at risk of ocean plastic pollution.

Read the full interview here more information about Prevented Ocean Plastic here


September 2020
Heading to Parliament image for Shark Guardian

They made it! 100,000 signatures means it will now be debated in Parliament.
I'm so happy and thankful to everyone who signed and shared. 

Why did I get so excited about this petition? Why do I care about sharks?

Beginning of July 2019 I was helping Blue Ocean Watch with the designs of the merchandising, which they presented at the GLEX The Explorers Club Summit in Lisbon. Madison Stuart  was also there and speaking at the summit. Terence Bulley, founder of Blue Ocean Watch posted a picture of her in the BOW story wearing one of my designs. 
It was at that summit I discovered her project "project hiu"! A few weeks after the summit I had an expo which was called "protect what keeps you alive" and Terence provided me with supporting Blue Ocean Watch videos that I could play during the exposition.

I fell in love with Ellen Cuylaerts and one video was about sharks with free diver William Winram  - It inspired me so much that I started drawing my heart-shaped shark image which got shared for world oceans day by "worldoceansday". Something my youngest daughter kept saying and that image lead to the idea of my second ocean book.

I felt very passionate about this petition because it was a real opportunity to not just talk or write about it but also show action and I just loved being part of the Shark Guardian team. 

More about Shark Guardian here.


March 2020
Dave Cornthwaite - "The Self Propelled Podcast" 

Was somehow surreal chatting to Dave Cornthwaite on the #selfpropelled #podcast

Such a nice guy and WOW what a motivation to do things a bit out of the box! “It’s not about how much money you’ve got, it’s about how much money you don’t spend”! Check out his website and TEDX talk if you don’t already know him:

He interviewed me about the current corona situation and how I cope with it being a freelancer. I apologize in advance for saying 1 million times “you know”... but it was my first podcast interview!

As a result of being on this podcast, I listen to the other speakers on the podcast. Matilde Tomat, an Italian eclectic existential psychotherapist, writer, and artist, said a few things that ignited a spark inside me. "Motivation is just a reminder of why you want to do it" and she explained that "happiness is just a mood. The only sense of happiness is within ourselves and you can only find that in the wonder that a child has".
I had been so busy trying to help others in the last months that my own writing and the reasons why I started fighting ocean pollution in the first place started to fade away. Listening to that podcast shifted my focus back on how I could help protect our planet and what I needed to do. I started writing, writing, writing, and my new book slowly came together.

Listen to my podcast with Dave Cornthwaite here.



This will always be a highlight of my life. Very thankful and hornored that Loopsider told my story.  Thank you #loopsider for making this video of my work and to help me fight ocean pollution. Watch my Loopsider video here

1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea? A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet
Fighting climate change with art. Janina Rossiter is an award-winning children's author and illustrator. Now, she's using her talents to educate children about plastic pollution, and we are here for it

Loopsider English uncovers the news and brings attention to underreported issues, in video format. We look for stories that are thought-provoking, that speak to us, and connect us with others to explain the world around us. Right here and now.
Find more information about Loopsider here.


Blue Ocean Watch

From March 2019 to October 2020 I was a Blue Ocean Watch member.
During my time I designed the Limited-Edition Blue Ocean Watch t-shirts and hoodies
You can buy them here.

Blue Ocean Watch (BOW) - is a Monaco based non-profit organization committed to protecting and promoting our planet’s most valuable asset: water. Their team consists of award-winning filmmakers and writers, renowned explorers alongside world class research scientists in oceanography, marine biology, technology, media and education. Their mission is to create an interface between science and people, to engage, evoke thought and make change. The ethos of BOW is to bring the underwater world to the people via all visual mediums.

More information on Blue Ocean Watch here.


Blue Ocean Watch

From March 2019 to October 2020 I was a Blue Ocean Watch member.
During my time I illustrated a series of sea creatures.

More here.

Blue Ocean Watch (BOW) - is a Monaco based non-profit organization committed to protecting and promoting our planet’s most valuable asset: water. Their team consists of award-winning filmmakers and writers, renowned explorers alongside world class research scientists in oceanography, marine biology, technology, media and education. Their mission is to create an interface between science and people, to engage, evoke thought and make change. The ethos of BOW is to bring the underwater world to the people via all visual mediums.

More information on Blue Ocean Watch here.


Blue Ocean Watch

From March 2019 to October 2020 I was a Blue Ocean Watch member.
During my time I created the illustrations short film to raise awareness of #noisepollution.

You can watch the film here.

Blue Ocean Watch (BOW) - is a Monaco based non-profit organization committed to protecting and promoting our planet’s most valuable asset: water. Their team consists of award-winning filmmakers and writers, renowned explorers alongside world class research scientists in oceanography, marine biology, technology, media and education. Their mission is to create an interface between science and people, to engage, evoke thought and make change. The ethos of BOW is to bring the underwater world to the people via all visual mediums.

More information on Blue Ocean Watch here.


Blue Ocean Watch

From March 2019 to October 2020 I was a Blue Ocean Watch member.
Terence Bulley, President and founder of Blue Ocean Watch made this video of my book 1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea? And how we can all work together to fight single use plastic products.
Very thankful! Watch my Blue Ocean Watch video here.

Blue Ocean Watch, A team of film makers, researchers, and business leaders united by our
passion to save the world's oceans. As our ecosystem moves ever closer to the tipping point beyond which there may not be the possibility of recovery, Blue Ocean Watch, is the only organization in the world with the objective to gather oceanic research information from sources on a global scale, assimilate and translate it into potential solutions, promote innovation, create educational video material and social media messages for every age and in partnership with UNESCO, disseminate worldwide – to empower every individual to make a change.

More information on Blue Ocean Watch here.