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"I’m very excited to be Talkabook Certified. Soon, I’ll be available for visits with young readers through the Talkabook Network. Check them out at"

At Talkabook we’re setting out to inspire children by connecting them with the authors and illustrators of the books they cherish.


I'm officially a Talkabook Certified.

I decided to make my e-books available for free starting on March 16th 2020 with @tovithepenguin goes to Ireland. In regards of the #corona situation and everyone staying home for homeschooling with their kids. I hope this will help.

Each time the e-book/kindle is free to download for the 5 following days after the starting date.

You can find all the information on my facebook page to not miss a book.

Sending love and stay healthy and safe everyone! 

Free E-book promotion

Tovi the Penguin and Concept book series

Was somehow surreal chatting Dave Cornthwaite on the #selfpropelled #podcast. Take a listen on your favourite channel, & don't forget to subscribe and leave a nice review on

He interviewed me about the current corona situation and how I cope with it being a freelancer. 

His podcast gave me the motivation to finally draw the #toonme visual which I wanted to do for a while but never found the time to do it.  If you want to know how @action_nan and made me to who I am today listen to the podcast and please leave me a comment if you feel like commenting on it.


Dave Cornthwaite

Portrait of an Art-Trope Painter Artist : Janina Rossiter
Read the article here.

Art-Trope, with its expertise, will guide Janina Rossiter in future projects, and advise her on her development. In that context, she hopes to spread her Art more widely, which would enable her to produce new material and eventually be able to devote herself fully to it. 


Art-Trope enables you to access quality services dedicated to your needs.

Our Planet Week
I joined our Planet Week, Draw ✍️  the change.
#ourplanetweek! (3-7 feb 2020)
1. Flora & Fauna, 2. Unite, 3. Harmony, 4. Mother Earth, 5. Future
Fantastic movement to protect our planet! Our Planet Week’20 challenge is hosted by these amazing artists: @asiaorlando_ @belliesartboutique @corahlouiseillustration @dancelstudio @elenig @hollymaguireuk @julika.illustration @lizarusalskaya @_maggiestephenson_ @rachel_winkle

#ourplanetweek #letsdrawthechange #illustrationchallenge #illustration #illustration_art #picturebook #jellyfish #singleuse #ink #fluidart #plasticnotfantastic #ourplanetweek #climatechange #climate #saveplanetearth #letsdrawthechange

Blue Ocean Watch

I created three limited edition designs for Blue Ocean Watch merchandising.




Loopsider English uncovers the news and brings attention to underreported issues, in video format. We look for stories that are thought-provoking, that speak to us, and connect us with others to explain the world around us. Right here and now.

1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea? A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet

Fighting climate change with art.

Janina Rossiter is an award-winning children's author and illustrator. Now, she's using her talents to educate children about plastic pollution, and we are here for it

Thank you @loopsider for making this video of my work and to help me fight ocean pollution.

Janina Rossiter
Blue Ocean Watch
1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea? A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet

Blue Ocean Watch:
A team of film makers, researchers, and business leaders united by our
passion to save the world's oceans.
As our ecosystem moves ever closer to the tipping point beyond which there may not be the possibility of recovery, Blue Ocean Watch, is the only organization in the world with the objective to gather oceanic research information from sources on a global scale, assimilate and translate it into potential solutions, promote innovation, create educational video material and social media messages for every age and in partnership with UNESCO, disseminate worldwide – to empower every individual to make a change.

Blue Ocean Watch:

I created the illustrations for this short film to raise awareness of noisepollution.

Due to extreme noise in the ocean, Lotti, a young whale becomes disorientated and lost from her parents.
Noise pollution can kill hundreds of whales and dolphins at a time. In the worst case, it’s estimated that it could lead to extinction.

#noisepollution #soundpollution #illustration

1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?
A Counting Picture Book
About Protecting Our Planet

Seven and eight, is it too late?
Not quite yet, but let's not wait!

8 fishing nets on the ocean floor,
dragged by an octopus up to the shore.

The sea creatures are working hard
to clean their living environment of ocean pollution.

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Blue Ocean Watch

I'm very honored to be now part of the Blue Ocean Watch team.


British school of Paris.

I was very lucky to work on this fantastic job.

The pupils of the junior school of the British School of Paris designed their own house Logos. I was asked as a graphic designer to take their ideas and to make them into professional logos.

The Blue House has now become the Eiffel Eagles, the Green House the Versailles Vipers, the Red House the Triomphe Tigers and the Yellow House the Louvre Lions.

I was very honored to present the Logos in front of the school and their reaction was very emotional for me.
A moment to always remember. Thank you!