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Let's work together! 

Would you like me to come to your school?
To talk about plastic pollution and to find sustainable solutions together.

Feel free to email me and we can arrange a school visit or a zoom call.

Education is the key to understand
how each of us can make a difference.
Our future depends on our actions.

In the USA, about 100 million plastic utensils are used every single day. Over 1 million seabirds and 100.000 sea mammals are killed by pollution every year. More than 3 million children under the age of five die annually from environmental factors. The average person eats 70.000 microplastics each year.

These are all facts that made me very upset. I wondered what else I can do to make a difference. What personally hits me the most is how many products are available and how much we waste. Especially how much single-use plastic products we use on a daily basis: for take-away food, school parties, work events, concerts.

I decided to go to schools and raise awareness of plastic polllution. To make people understand the problems we are facing and that things have to change.


I'm happy to give school talks, read my book "1,2,3, who's cleaning the sea?" and raise awareness of ocean pollution and talk about how we can reduce our waste. Please feel free to get in touch. 


Raising awareness

Over 1 million seabirds and 100.000 sea mammal s are killed by pollution every year.



The average person eats 70.000 microplastics each year.



Since the 1950s, around 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide.


British School of Paris / ECO Club 

Very thankful having been invited to the British School of Paris for some more art projects to raise awareness of ocean pollution! 8-11 year olds pupils drew each a seahorse with cotton bud inspired by the iconic photo by Justin Hofman. "This photo serves as an allegory for the current and future state of our oceans." ~Justin Hofman
I’m so proud of the kids from the eco-club at the British School of Paris. Amazing work 👏🏻 my eco warriors!


Lennen Bilingual School // Paris

These are the moments I’ll keep in my heart forever.

It’s so amazing how fast kids understand that we have to protect our environment and the sea creatures.

Spend a great morning in the petit section at the international bilingual Lennen School this morning reading #123whoscleaningthesea? We read the French and English book at the same time - perfect for bilingual kids!

Watching #theplasticvagabond by  Fondation Tara Océan to really understand the plastic issue. Great film for young kids. Watch the film here


Lycée International de Saint Germain-en-Laye // Paris suburbs

I approached the Lycée International de Saint Germain-en-Laye before the big summer school fête and proposed to reduce our waste by asking the parents and students to bring their own picnic set, water bottles and cups.
While the idea was received positively by the Club International, there were open questions about how to execute the ideas. This gave me the idea of creating a handbook with all the details of how we could reduce our waste.

Go Green came into life - A Club International initiative to organise lycee events in a more sustainable way.
A group of like-minded moms with the same goals to protect our kids' planet.

The  Lycée International de Saint Germain-en-Laye summer fête is a big event of about 3000 people.
We worked togehter with the students, parents and had lots of helping hands. 

My work for the Club International GO GREEN initiative included:
Creating the Logo, recreating existing Logos (so they could be printed in HD), a Handbook of 22 pages, animated GIF, creating HD printing files for the cups, creating and designing stickers, posters to hang up in the school to raise awareness and to make sure of "bringing our own", creating the invitation poster for the event and also shopping for cups, washing up about 300 cups.

It was worth it. Go Green became a big success and lots of parents wanted to join the initiative.
I'm very proud of what we have achieved and created for the Club International.
I hope that Go Green will continue for years and that other schools will follow the example.



British School of Paris 

One of my biggest highlights of 2019 was with the British school of Paris Junior School. Very thankful I was invited!

Understanding ocean pollution and how each of us can make a difference.

Starting with the whole of year 6 at the beginning of the year, then speaking in front of the whole school assembly, back at the new year 6 and several visits to the eco club creating art projects together.

I feel so proud and deeply touched that their entry hall installation was inspired by my visits. Somehow surreal. But very thankful and so impressed with their work.

It also highlights the fact how many single use items we use and how much we throw away in one single day.
We can only change once we understand the problems. For me education and raising awareness is the key.