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Early Childhood Concepts


1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?
A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet

(Early Childhood Concepts, Book 2) 

Seven and eight, is it too late?
Not quite yet, but let's not wait!

8 fishing nets on the ocean floor, dragged by an octopus up to the shore.

The sea creatures are working hard to clean their living environment of ocean pollution.

Inspired by powerful visuals of ocean pollution, this book will teach your child not only numbers and how to count but also the importance of taking care of our environment. Children will love learning how little changes they make can protect our planet.

1,2,3, Who's Cleaning the Sea is the second book from award-winning and Amazon best-selling author Janina Rossiter in her 'concept picture book' series. Janina Rossiter has again combined two subjects with imaginative drawings, resulting in a beautiful book that children and adults will enjoy reading.

This picture book will teach your child to associate numbers with their quantities while also learning about the importance of keeping plastics and other pollutants out of our oceans. Younger children will be able to count along and slightly older children (ages 4-6) will learn to make logical connections between numbers and facts. Readers of all ages will enjoy the pictures, the story, and the message.

“What a gem this little book is. Beautifully illustrated and with simple rhymes, it teaches counting with an underlying message about the harm Plastic is causing to our Oceans. I’m sure this is one to read out loud and talk about with your little ones and to treasure for years to come...”
~ Pat Smith “Action Nan” founder of The Final Straw Cornwall

“Filled with glorious paintings, this highly imaginative picture book will not only aid children with learning to count, they will also learn about protecting the environment as they take a journey under the sea. Truly delightful.”
~ Samantha Vérant, author of HOW TO MAKE A FRENCH FAMILY

“Stunning images of sea creatures cleaning the ocean form the backdrop of this fun and educational counting book that young children (and adults too!) are sure to enjoy.”

 Janina Rossiter's book '123 Who's cleaning the sea' is not only a beautiful work of art but a most important message at this crucial time in our ocean's history.
Shamefully, it is the younger generations who are inheriting the results of catastrophic mistakes made in our treatment so far, of our planet. While this book is a wake-up call for the state of the ocean, our life's blood, it is also a wonderful counting book for the young with an encouraging and positive message - to respect the sea, be aware and take action.
I wish every child could read this book.
~Terence Bulley, founder of BlueOcean.Watch - Your eyes on the ocean.

Janina Rossiter's 1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea? A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet is an adorable book that will make young readers aware of the wonderful living beings that exist on our planet and who play an important role in cleaning and protecting the planet. The ocean is full of dirt and plastic, and it is important to clean it. The seahorse finds a cotton bud floating and the mermaid collects two cups a day from near her rock in the ocean bay. It does not take long for the tripod fish to collect three cans, and the turtle brings four plastic straws she has collected. The sea creatures know that they have to work together to keep their home clean.
This beautiful book not only teaches young readers about the importance of doing their bit to keep the planet clean but also teaches them counting in a fun way. The author's illustrations give clarity to her concept and ideas, and this is definitely a fun way to make children aware of the importance of cleaning, protecting, and preserving the planet. Be it the seahorse, or the turtle, or the tripod fish, or the jelly fish, and the other creatures who call the sea their home, they all help in cleaning up the sea and making it a better place in which to live. The author also introduces young readers to the creatures that live in the ocean in an entertaining and interesting way. This book is definitely a must-have and a must-read for youngsters and it will help create awareness about the need to keep the ocean clean.
~Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite (5-Star review)

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The ABC Animal Picnic

(Early Childhood Concepts, Book 1) 


The animals are excited, they’re going on a picnic! James Jellyfish juggles jam jars and Betty Bee butters bread...

These are just two of the amazing animals in The ABC Animal Picnic by author and illustrator Janina Rossiter. Turn the pages of this delightful ABC to find out what happens on the animals’ picnic!

The original hand-drawn illustrations in black ink marker on a background of watercolor alcohol ink art are exquisite and will entice young readers to turn the pages as they discover the fascinating world captured by the illustrator’s imagination.

This delightful ABC book is unique: it uses alliteration to help your child memorise the different sounds of each letter of the alphabet, which is essential for reading and learning a language. Alliteration also makes learning fun! Your child will learn it’s exciting to discover a language and find out that a letter can have different sounds. And by repeating the sounds your child will build up a strong memory of each letter.

The ABC Animal Picnic is suitable as a picture book or a “talk about” book for young children, and also as a reading book, initially for parents to read to their children, then as a self-reading book for older children. The text aims to both amuse and expand your child’s vocabulary.

"Rossiter has redefined how to make learning fun while harnessing the most important tool of all – the power of the imagination. Kids will squeal and giggle with delight while learning their ABCs in this wildly inventive and beautifully illustrated book."
~ Samantha Vérant, author of How to Make a French Family

"Fun and imaginative, this beautiful book is a must-have for kids!"
~ Vicki Lesage, author of Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer

- 2018 Reader's Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Children - Concept genre

- The ABC Animal Picnic is a recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award. The Mom's Choice Awards® (MCA) evaluates products and services created for parents and educators and is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. Using a rigorous evaluation process, entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost. Around the world, parents, educators, retailers and members of the media trust the MCA Honoring Excellence seal when selecting quality products and services for families and children.
Gold Medal Awarded October 2017

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

"The ABC Animal Picnic by Janina Rossiter is aneducational tool to introduce children not only to the alphabet, but italso helps in enhancing their vocabulary. The animal picnic also helpschildren understand that an alphabet can have different sounds and thestory will fascinate them with the creativity and imagination of theauthor. Every page is fun to read and children will love repeating thewords, the alliteration, and the sounds. The author's imagination is onfull display when readers flip through the pages and discover a lot ofnew things while learning the alphabet.

I like the way the author makes learning the alphabet and new words funand interactive. What makes it unique is the manner in which the authorhas introduced the alphabet to readers, which is not what one gets tosee usually. It is a perfect book for parents if they have small kids at home who are going to start school, because it makes learning easy,fun, and interesting. It is a good book for teachers and educators tointroduce the alphabet and new words to children in classrooms, andparents and grandparents can read it out to their children andgrandchildren at bedtime.

It is a great book with some colorful and excellent illustrations thatare eye-catching. Informative and educational books like this are always good for child readers as it helps them not only learn new things, butwill also make them more creative and imaginative. It is definitely amust-have in every school and children's libraries, and in homes."

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