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Meet Forbi Perise

Meet Forbi Perise  - An inspiration to us all! Mr. PlasticMan! Seeing the plastic pollution in Cameroon just makes me realize again what we have to fight for! 
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Forbi Perise dreams of starting a public library for students in underprivileged communities in his hometown Buea, Cameroon. He is committed to helping educate young children in Cameroon and to give them access to resources through a library.

"Young people can create incredible change in the world when they put their minds and their efforts to it. Often what they need to be successful is innovation -- something different that they have not seen before - to intrigue them and wake them up to new possibilities." - Forbi Perise

Forbi Perise was one of the very inspiring young speakers at the 2020 United Nations World Oceans Day. He fights against plastic pollution in Cameroon and encourages us all to protect the environment.

I met Forbi through our common passion to fight plastic pollution and I feel very passionate about his dream. Being an author myself, I share his goal to use education to empower young students and to build up knowledge that can then help us all to protect our planet.

I have been very fortunate that people have generously donated many second-hand books for his library, which I have sent to Forbi to help make his dream come true. I'm planning to keep supporting Forbi in the future. Would you be part of this project and support us? I'm sure the children will be forever thankful.

We would really appreciate your support. Any amount will make a difference, no matter how small.
If you would like to donate some second hand books for children aged 2-12, please get in touch. 

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