Nina Rossiter is an Artist, Author and Artivist focussing on environmental issues.

Amazon bestselling and multi-award-winning author Janina Rossiter brings her passions together in her work: painting and illustrating children's books. As an illustrator and author, Janina was inspired to write "Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!" and "123 Who’s Cleaning the Sea?" because of her concerns for our environment. She is passionate about fighting climate change, protecting nature and keeping the oceans free from plastic and other pollutants. Our future depends on our actions today. Her latest children books focus on plastic pollution and endangered sea creatures, and helping to empower young children to feel the need to protect our wildlife and to make a difference.

She is also an environmental speaker, having visited many international schools over the past three years. Her main focus is to raise awareness of the problems our oceans are facing and to give solutions of behaviour changing methods to protect our planet. By creating art to raise awareness of environmental issues, we create a way to communicate, a visual language that anyone can understand. "Three years ago, I said I was only a mum who worried about our future on our planet. Today, I would say I’m an Artivist who protects our planet with all my heart and artistic power."

Janina studied communication & illustration design at university in Hamburg, Germany and graduated 2006 with a german Diplom (1.0) HAW Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences, department Design. She also has 15 years of international experience as a senior designer, having worked in London, Hamburg and Paris specialising in high-end products, luxury products and food products as well as general consumer good products. She has worked with agencies representing many leading brands, including L’Oréal, Coty, Interparfum, Henkel, Puig, Lindt etc.

As an environmental artivist, She is now increasingly focused on working with sustainable product brands that respect the environment. Janina created the illustrations for the Blue Ocean Watch video ‘The Song of Life’ dealing with how sound pollution affects whales. She has also volunteered with graphic design or illustrations to help ocean organisations to raise awareness, such as Earth Day Network, The Marine Diaries, and Shark Guardian. Currently she’s helping to create a library in Cameroon for underprivileged children and she donates % of her proceeds to Ocean Conservation.

As an artist, Janina feels happiest when recreating images of the ocean in her paintings. “I hope that through my art and my love of the sea, I can make my voice heard and make a difference.”



I live and work in the Paris region.
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Freelance artist registered in France with the MDA (La Maison des Artistes) as well as being an auto entrepreneur.

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