janina Rossiter (Nina Rossiter) is an Artist, Author and Artivist.

Amazon bestselling and multi-award-winning author Janina Rossiter brings her passions together in her work: painting and illustrating children's books. As an illustrator and author, Janina was inspired to write "Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!" and "123 Who’s Cleaning the Sea?" because of her concerns for our environment. She is passionate about fighting climate change, protecting nature and keeping the oceans free from plastic and other pollutants. Our future depends on our actions today. Her latest children books focus on plastic pollution and endangered sea creatures, and helping to empower young children to feel the need to protect our wildlife and to make a difference.

Her next children's book will be published in January 2024 and is called, "Green and Blue, Planet Ocean, Me and You!: A book about colours and the human impact on our planet.”

She is also an environmental speaker, having visited many international schools over the past years. Her main focus is to raise awareness of the problems our oceans are facing and to give solutions of behaviour changing methods to protect our planet. By creating art to raise awareness of environmental issues, we create a way to communicate, a visual language that anyone can understand. "In 2018, I said I was only a mum who worried about our future on our planet. Today, I would say I’m an Artivist who protects our planet with all my heart and art.”



CHANGE NOW 2024 : Planet Ocean

Collaboration with ChangeNOW for the 2024 summit!

'The official poster of ChangeNOW 2024, the central totem, the Eiffel Stage monumental windows and The Planet Ocean exhibition were created by artivist Janina Rossiter.

Janina Rossiter raises awareness about ocean issues and promotes behavior changes to protect the planet. Through her art, she communicates environmental messages in a universally understandable visual language. She’s also the author and illustrator of best seller children’s books.'

Very proud to be collaborating with ChangeNOW for the summit 2024.

First time I went to ChangeNow was in March 2020 and I immediately fell in love with the mission, the summit and the team! Who are amazing, I also saw a lot of art at the summit and it was only a dream to maybe once exhibit with Change Now.

A dream that came true in 2022, thanks to my friend Nicolas Occhiminuti from Waves of Change Coalition, who recommended my work. Being a speaker on the panel #buildingacultureforchange meant a lot to me as the #schoolartivism is really a heart project.

Change Now as had a huge impact on me and my work and I couldn’t be prouder!
Feeling so thankful!

The poster will be all over Paris, in metros, on their website and of course at the Grand Palais Éphémère! 

In addition to the official poster, I was asked to design the Change Now TOTEM, which serves as the central logo for the summit. It is a world artwork. I have been working for four months to create artwork using the stippling technique that blends into a colourful and vibrant jungle merging with the ocean. 

Very proud to also exhibited the Planet Ocean Gallery as well as having designed the Eiffel Stage window. 

ChangeNow Art for Change


Exhibition Highlights

As an artist, Janina feels happiest when recreating images of the ocean in her paintings. “I hope that through my art and my love of the sea, I can make my voice heard and make a difference.”

- In November 2021 her illustration ‘Mangroves’, which was part of the Sketch For Survival competition by Explorers against Extinction, was selected to be featured in the VIP area of the Blue Zone of the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference In Glasgow, Scotland.

- In May 2022, she was part of the ART FOR CHANGE program during the Change NOW summit in Paris, France. Four artworks from her book "123, Who’s Cleaning the Sea?" were exhibited in the Grand Palais Éphémère. She was also a speaker in the panel 'building a culture for change’.

- In June 2022, her Mangrove illustration got exhibited during the 'World Ocean Week’ for World Ocean Day at the Explorers Club HQ in New York, U.S.A.
(Explorers Club Member since January 2023)

- In December 2022, a selection of her artwork was exhibited at POLITICO, the Sustainability Future Week in Brussels, Belgium as part of the summit and Politico Art Fair 

- In January 2023, her artwork to raise awareness of plastic pollution got exhibited with the German Ocean Foundation at the Love your Ocean platform at the BOOT / Boat Show Düsseldorf, Germany

- In February 2023, her artwork got selected to be presented in Vancouver, Canada for the Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) - presenting a 5min video about her school-artivism work.

- Part of the world Tour Oceanic 31 with the Thresher Shark design. The pieces of oceanic 31 will go on tour around the UK in 2023/24, with limited edition prints of some pieces available to purchase next year. Finally, after touring the UK, the pieces will be auctioned and raffled off to raise vital funds to help our conservation work as part of the #BigSharkPledge.

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... Green and Blue, Planet Ocean, Me and You!: A book about colours and the human impact on our planet 

Come with me on this colour ride,
Starting with carbon dioxide.

Then there’s yellow, orange and red ...
More climate changes are ahead.

Purple, brown and every shade,
We’ve got to act, not be afraid.

To take the necessary action,
As our planet needs protection.

Black, white, green and blue,
Planet Ocean, me and you!


... Green and Blue, Planet Ocean, Me and You!: 

“Janina has a fire burning within her to make children aware of the beauty of our fragile planet and the existential threats looming from climate change. She does this in the most gentle of ways - using both poetry and art combined. A brilliant and succinct message. I love it!”
~ Pat Smith “Action Nan” @Action_Nan
Founder of The Final Straw Cornwall,

“This book is such a fun framework for communicating the issues around climate change. Janina creates a unique and memorable journey through the colours, each with rhyming sentences to make the book even more enjoyable. Fantastic!”~
Atul Kumar @atulsearth_
Environmental Fundraising Consultant, Founder of the Environmental Thinking Institute,

“This book is a must read for all children! Nina has managed to expertly simplify climate science into a clear, positive, and inspiring message, which is beautifully illustrated by her incredible artwork and infographics. It introduces so many important topics, from fossil fuels to meat consumption and deforestation, and will be a great starting point for further discussions and learning.”
~ Rebecca Daniel @rebecca_saltysea
Director of @themarinediaries,

“This latest book by Janina Rossiter will be an essential early education tool for climate-conscious parents and kids worldwide. The eloquence and sophistication of her illustrations gently introduce issues of great importance to children, contributing to science literacy and preventing misinformation at a later age.”
~ Alexander More @NatureOfAlex
Harvard Climate & Health Scientist and Director,


Diamonds, Hearts and Sea Stars:
A picture book about shapes found in the ocean
and to raise environmental awareness in children

While forms are precise in a geometry book,
In Nature, we must take a second good look.

So step outside and open your eyes -
The shapes you see could be quite a surprise.

So let’s look together, just you and me.
I wonder which shapes we’ll be able to see.

Come on a magical journey and discover the shapes and creatures of the ocean in rhymes and riddles. You will learn about sea creatures in a fun and entertaining way, and also become aware of the man-made threats they face and how we can help to protect them. Beautifully illustrated, informative and thought provoking, this wonderful book is also great in a classroom for raising environmental awareness among children. Fun riddles will keep children's attention and motivate them to interact and learn. It teaches and motivates young and old to take action to discover and protect marine life.

 An exquisitely illustrated opportunity to thinkcreatively and learn fun facts about incredible ocean creatures, threats facing their survival, and how to take action to protect them! Abudding marine biologist must-have!
~ Callie Veelenturf, Marine Conservation Biologist, National Geographic Explorer, Founder and Executive Director at The Leatherback Project


1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?
A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet

Seven and eight, is it too late?
Not quite yet, but let's not wait!
8 fishing nets on the ocean floor, dragged by an octopus up to the shore.

The sea creatures are working hard to clean their living environment of ocean pollution.

Inspired by powerful visuals of ocean pollution, this book will teach your child not only numbers and how to count but also the importance of taking care of our environment. Children will love learning how little changes they make can protect our planet.

1,2,3, Who's Cleaning the Sea is the second book from award-winning and Amazon best-selling author Janina Rossiter in her 'concept picture book' series. Janina Rossiter has again combined two subjects with imaginative drawings, resulting in a beautiful book that children and adults will enjoy reading.

This picture book will teach your child to associate numbers with their quantities while also learning about the importance of keeping plastics and other pollutants out of our oceans. Younger children will be able to count along and slightly older children (ages 4-6) will learn to make logical connections between numbers and facts. Readers of all ages will enjoy the pictures, the story, and the message.





This illustration was initially created for The Marine Diaries to help them with their ecosystem project 'The Marine Ecosystem Diaries' and with the approval of Rebecca Daniel I sent the mangrove illustration to Explorers Against Extinction so it could raise money to protect wildlife. Since then it has gone on its own little journey. I'm still blown away and extremely thankful. It was exhibited 2 weeks in the leaders lounge at COP26, won the wild spaces award and is hanging at the OXO gallery in London until the end of November.




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