Our Planet Week

Our Planet week was founded by ASIA ORLANDO.

Asia Orlando is an illustrator and digital artist currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is also the founder of the illustration movement #OurPlanetWeek. In February 2020, the challenge under two hashtags #ourplanetweek & #letsdrawthechange engaged the community of artists around the world, to communicate environmental awareness through art. More than 20.000 artwork submissions and environmental awareness stories were submitted, plus 9.500 trees were planted, thanks to partnering up with onetreeplanted.org

Since 2020 I participated in Our  Planet Week and since 2023 I was a co-host of this drawing challenge! 

I really love it and if you feel creative join our next drawing challenge! 

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Our Planet Week 2023

Activism piece: Survival match
Alcohol ink / Stippling collage

Our planet is changing due to human activity, some places change quicker than others.

According to a study, the arctic has warmed nearly four times faster than the rest of the world. A varnishing habitat for species that depend on colder temperatures and ice. Today the artic is about 3℃ warmer than the year I was born. In just my lifetime habitats have shifted and changed drastically, and if things don’t change quickly we will see more devastating consequences for wildlife than what is already happening. Animals need to adapt or they will disappear and the biodiversity declining at an alarming rate in recent years will only get worst.

Everything is connected and biodiversity loss and habitat space is more interlinked in the arctic than in any other place on earth. I wanted to express this in my ARTivism piece ‘Survival match’. Arctic animals forming a flame, the ice underneath them already disappearing leaving them no place to live. While the subject is very upsetting, I tried to stay positive in my image, leaving hope, with the surrounding ice.

Activism piece: Reconnect
Alcohol ink / Stippling collage

Caring for wildlife often starts in our own backyards, by observing the world around us and looking at the small details that hold everything together. Children looking at a spider and feeling the spark to discover more rather than the urge to squash it…

I feel that this connection to nature, to insects, and everything that we find around us is vital towards gaining the compassion we also need to care for the bigger animals.

My love for nature started in rural France, surrounded by plenty of butterflies, moths, spider, caterpillars and bugs. The patterns, the behaviour and the colours have always been so fascinating to me and I am keenly aware that they are an absolute gift from nature.

I hope my drawing can raise awareness of the importance of these insects, bugs, reptiles and other crawly things, that all need our attention as much as the larger animals!

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Our Planet Week 2022

Our Planet Week 2022

I’m joining our planet week Our Planet Week - I’ve been participating for the past two years and really love it!

Such a great initiative !

Here’s some more information from the OPW team:

🌊 The third edition of #OurPlanetWeek starts on April 22nd #earthday. And this year your illustrations will help plant 5.000 more trees! Apart from bringing more awareness and care for the environment, by joining the event you can make a real impact with your art! Keep on reading!

🌊Official Prompt list and Dates to post:

22 April: Earth Day
24 April: Green Living
26 April: Oceans
28 April: Breath
30 April: Climate Heroes
02 May: One Tree Planted


🌊The Our Planet Week 2022 is hosted by: 
@asiaorlando_ @beatheillustrator @hollymaguireuk @vasilisa.romanenko @maybee.art @josiesillustrations @elenig @jennypaintswithpixels @papier.coton @caglazimmermann @dyru.Jk @artcchelsea @sarahekillustration @beetleinthehay @miamilu_

Our Planet Week 2021

It’s estimated that up to one million marine species of animals live in the oceans. This is an enormous variety of life!

But around 1,000,000 species threatened with extinction. For the ocean that means almost 33% of reef-forming corals and more than a third of all marine mammals are threatened with extinction.

Let’s try to restore our biodiversity by giving nature a chance to breathe. Rewilding - so the ecosystems can be self sustaining, in balance and abundant.

💙 Planet Week 2021 Prompts

* March 21st & 22nd - Protect
* March 23rd & 24th - Energy
* March 25th & 26th - Biodiversity
* March 27th & 28th - Reuse+Reduce
* March 29th & 30th - Voice


🍃The Our Planet Week 2021 is hosted by: @asiaorlando_ @beatheillustrator @Daniipollehn @debi_hudson @hollymaguireuk @ici.jozi @jonchingart @Julika.illustration @Kailaelders @karlasandersart @lavater_art @melanie.johnsson @Nuriabojn @rochewoodworthillustration @Rosannatasker.illustration @stephfizercoleman


#ourplanetweek #onetreeplanted #letsdrawthechange
• For every illustration posted between March 21st -March 31 using at least the hashtags #ourplanetweek & #onetreeplanted a tree will be planted till we reach our goal of 5000 trees

Our Planet Week 2020

Very excited about @ourplanetweek 

You even get a tiny sneak peek of my interpretation of the prompts:

1.Flora & Fauna
4.Mother Earth

Draw ✍️ the change.
Join #ourplanetweek! (3-7 feb 2020)

Fantastic movement to protect our planet! Our Planet Week’20 challenge is hosted by these amazing artists: @asiaorlando_ @belliesartboutique @corahlouiseillustration @dancelstudio @elenig @hollymaguireuk @julika.illustration @lizarusalskaya @_maggiestephenson_ @rachel_winkle
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